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v1067.92015-03-18 at 08:13handover111Musuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteRe-adding another user's screenshots that I mistakenly removed; thought they were ones I had uploaded.
v1067.82015-03-18 at 08:09handover111Musuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteRemoved a few screenshots to make room for the updated release.
v1067.72015-03-18 at 06:12altoMusuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteAdd staff
v1067.62015-03-18 at 06:07altoMusuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteAdd staff
v1067.52015-01-16 at 12:34intirinchMusuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteTwo new screenshots
v1067.42011-08-28 at 10:31handover111Musuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteScreenshots.
v1067.32010-07-19 at 10:53shinnewMusuko no Tomodachi ni OkasareteAnimu.
v1067.22009-10-02 at 06:34kelpieMusuko no Tomodachi ni Okasarete+orig title
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