Ningyou no Hako


Ningyou no Hako
TitleNingyou no Hako
Original title人形の匣
Aliases人形の匣 愛のディテール
Publishers Pias


Maria arrives at a certain mansion seeking her brother-in-law Makoto sold there for debts. The mansion owner is a powerful figure with connections in both financial and political circles. There is a ritual of adulthood held in the mansion after which person becomes a mindless doll. The same fate seems to have befallen upon Makoto brother. Maria is going to have her adulthood ceremony soon, and all the mysteries should uncover at that time...

The story is available first only from Maria point of view, and then from Makoto point of view as well.

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2000-05-2618+  Ningyou no HakoNon-freeCommercial1 CD

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