Edit history of Pastel Chime Continue

v1080.412018-02-11 at 12:06traumatizerPastel Chime Continuethe same seiyuu
v1080.402018-01-25 at 09:37wakaranaiPastel Chime ContinueVA alias
v1080.392017-08-15 at 08:58nekonekogirlPastel Chime Continuestaff
v1080.382017-06-22 at 20:47jazz957Pastel Chime Continuestaff link link link
v1080.372017-05-13 at 05:53multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v311.26
v1080.362017-05-03 at 09:54bakaakiPastel Chime Continueedit
v1080.352017-01-23 at 14:53traumatizerPastel Chime Continuefix; same actress for both PC & PSP ver.
v1080.342017-01-23 at 08:54nekonekogirlPastel Chime Continuestaff
v1080.332016-12-09 at 20:52nekonekogirlPastel Chime Continuestaff
v1080.322016-08-17 at 09:51shinnewPastel Chime ContinueStaff.
v1080.312016-08-16 at 19:31shinnewPastel Chime ContinueStaff.
v1080.302016-04-18 at 06:44weilaiPastel Chime Continue..
v1080.292016-01-14 at 19:04traumatizerPastel Chime Continuecast, staff notes
v1080.282015-11-11 at 21:31multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v3105.3
v1080.272015-10-25 at 12:58traumatizerPastel Chime Continuecast
v1080.262015-07-22 at 10:16traumatizerPastel Chime Continuestaff, va
v1080.252015-06-22 at 16:19traumatizerPastel Chime Continuefix
v1080.242015-06-22 at 16:10traumatizerPastel Chime Continuecouple PSP seiyuu
v1080.232015-04-13 at 14:56traumatizerPastel Chime Continueanother fix (mixed the va's)
v1080.222015-04-13 at 14:56traumatizerPastel Chime Continuefix
v1080.212015-04-13 at 14:54traumatizerPastel Chime Continuestaff
v1080.202015-02-12 at 08:08wakaranaiPastel Chime Continuefix
v1080.192015-02-12 at 08:07wakaranaiPastel Chime Continuestaff&cast
v1080.182015-02-02 at 20:25arunaruPastel Chime ContinueAdding staff
v1080.172015-01-31 at 21:46arunaruPastel Chime ContinueAdding composer
v1080.162014-10-24 at 11:50necrofantasiaPastel Chime Continueedited description
v1080.152014-10-24 at 11:48necrofantasiaPastel Chime Continuelength
v1080.142013-11-03 at 21:35binfujiwaraPastel Chime ContinueReverted to revision v1080.12
v1080.132013-11-03 at 21:32binfujiwaraPastel Chime Continuescreenshots
v1080.122013-11-03 at 19:55binfujiwaraPastel Chime Continuecover..
v1080.112013-11-03 at 18:58binfujiwaraPastel Chime Continuescreenshots, cover
v1080.102013-10-19 at 07:06girlplayerPastel Chime ContinueAlias
v1080.92013-03-15 at 13:25multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v11292.8
v1080.82012-10-16 at 19:38multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v11292.1
v1080.72011-04-05 at 22:58multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v1111.13
v1080.62010-07-15 at 07:39multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v4758.1
v1080.52010-07-09 at 09:43multiPastel Chime ContinueReverse relation update caused by revision v4693.1
v1080.42010-01-18 at 12:01reoPastel Chime Continue-
v1080.32008-12-10 at 07:30whorlPastel Chime Continue.
v1080.22008-12-10 at 07:28whorlPastel Chime ContinueSpelling correction
v1080.12008-09-20 at 11:10echomateriaPastel Chime ContinueSource: link