Relation graph for Yakin Byoutou Ni

Note: Unofficial relations are excluded if the graph would otherwise be too large.

Yakin Byoutou 1999-12-22 ja Yakin Byoutou ~Tokubetsu-ban~ 2000-12-22 ja FandiscOriginal gameNanase Ren 2005-05-13 ja PrequelSequelYakin Jantou 2002-07-26 ja FandiscOriginal gameYakin Byoutou Ni 2004-01-15 ja Same seriesShin Yakin Byoutou 2011-06-24 ja Alternative versionRen no Koi 2008-11-28 ja Shares charactersRen no Koi ~Others~ 2009-02-27 ja Shares charactersShares charactersKazama Mana 2006-11-10 ja Yakin Byoutou Zero 2012-01-27 ja Yakin Byoutou San 2004-12-10 ja Same seriesYakin Jantou Ni 2005-12-09 ja SequelPrequelShares charactersPrequelSequelSame seriesShares charactersShares charactersFandiscOriginal gameFandiscOriginal gameShares characters