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Kunoichi Torimonochou


TitleKunoichi Torimonochou
Original titleくのいち捕物帖
AliasesKunoichi Detective Story, くの一捕物帖
DeveloperPolestar Co.
PublishersGMF & CSK Research Institute


Long ago, during the Edo period, those chosen to become ninja train in secrecy from youth, living in an isolated village to become a secret agent for the shogun. Here, a young girl is training to become such an agent; her name: Ran Sagajo. Along with her talking ninja squirrel companion Sasuke, she has begun a trip to Edo to continue her training.

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1997-08-06All agesKunoichi Torimonochou
1998-02-05All agesKunoichi Torimonochou
1999-02-25All agesKunoichi Torimonochou


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Sagojou RanMain character
Voiced by Imai Yuka

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Kunoichi Torimonochou

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