Original titleアルストロメリア
DeveloperB@d Luckers
Publishers B@d Luckers


I dreamed.
I forget what the dream was. It wasn't anything important. But I took an interest.

That day a new student joined our class. A quiet girl.
Again I took an interest. Love at first sight? Maybe just curiosity.
At any rate I liked her.

After school that day, I met her on the roof of the school. It was pure luck. But it felt like more.
We kissed.
That was the circumstance. But it doesn't change the truth. She said to me, in my fluster...

"Do you remember?"

I couldn't begin to comprehend the meaning.

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2010-12-31All ages  AlstroemeriaNon-freeDoujin1 CD  
2012-06-05All ages  Alstroemeria - Download EditionNon-freeDoujinInternet download  

Character summary

Protagonist Kashima Minato
Main character Nagomi
Main character Ootori Yuuna
Main character Serizawa Saki

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