Milky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~

MilkySpace ~悲しきセクサロイド~

Milky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~
TitleMilky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~
Original titleMilkySpace ~悲しきセクサロイド~
Publishers Mesa


In the 22nd century versatile sex tool "Sexaroid" is accepted socially for survival of mankind. In such an era main character dies with his brain preserved and later resurrected as "Sexaroid". Eventually he is assigned to the education corporation "Tellar College" where he needs to train four androids choreography during navigation and relief in emergency situations (including libido stress relief).

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2000-04-0718+  Milky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD


Character summary

Main character Delia Deramiko
Voiced by Himiko
Main character Lukifa Hazaway
Voiced by Himiko
Main character Milk Anmira
Voiced by Tenten
Main character Yoshua Wendy
Voiced by Tenten

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