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Kairaku Chitai -Nazo no Seibutsu ni Yogosareta Machi-

快楽恥帯 -謎の性物に汚された街-

TitleKairaku Chitai -Nazo no Seibutsu ni Yogosareta Machi-
Original title快楽恥帯 -謎の性物に汚された街-
AliasesThe Pleasure-Shame Zone -Streets That Teem with Bizarre Monsters-
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On October 20th, 2012, humanity was annihilated.

On October 19th, we made contact with extraterrestrial beings, or EBEs.

Tokyo was shadowed under their spaceship. People were agog with hope and awe.
But the pulses of light that emanated from it
evaporated the water, withered the trees and wiped out half of humanity.

The ashen remains of Earth's surface was bleak, hopeless. It's our world now.

But some of us kept living. Only the young women.
Perhaps living is the wrong word. We were alive.
We survive as sex slaves for the EBEs...

There's no semblance of humanity left in Tokyo.

In one day, the streets were transformed into a teeming beltway of sexual training. This is the Pleasure-Shame Zone.

*** EBEs, fornicating r*pe aliens!
Heroines have been suddenly captured and deflowered.
Their only hope is to endure with sloven, survivalist submission...

*** Slime, insectia, tentaclusters, breeders and humanoids
Plus futanari lesbians, sexual insanity forcing climax after juicy
climax, so many situations!

*** Humanity's downfall told from heroine's POV!
Experience the terror, the lust, the the pleasure.
Plummet despairing into the alien abyss of HOT F*CK.

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Main characters

Suzumori Chika鈴森 千佳
MeasurementsBust-Waist-Hips: 82-59-83cm
HairBlunt Bangs, Brown, Long
ClothesSkirt, Sweater
Voiced byHimari