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Gin'iro no Ki ~Konayuki no Photograph~

銀色の樹 ~粉雪のフォトグラフ~

TitleGin'iro no Ki ~Konayuki no Photograph~
Original title銀色の樹 ~粉雪のフォトグラフ~
DeveloperBlue Bell
PublishersBlue Bell


Hero is afraid of women after drinking party where he was assaulted by one of them. Now he's set to overcome his phobia and get a girlfriend by the Christmas.

[From vndbreview]

After a drunken party, our guy lost his virginity to a older girl in his photo club and became afraid of girls. Now it's 4 weeks till Christmas, can you help him cure his fear and get one of 4 girls?

[From Li's Fun House]


Japanese (1)
1998-12-1018+Gin'iro no Ki ~Konayuki no Photograph~


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