Sorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~

ソーサレス・エンパイア ~帝立魔法院~

Sorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~
TitleSorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~
Original titleソーサレス・エンパイア ~帝立魔法院~
DeveloperBlue Bell
Publishers Blue Bell


The era when magic declines gradually and is about to be replaced by science and technology. But there are still "demon" race monsters living on the outskirts of the empire and organizing skirmishes at border guards.
Hero is a battle magician responsible for three failure students. They have personal conditions that prevent them from learning normally. You have a year to train them into excellent witches.

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1999-07-0918+  Sorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~Non-freeCommercial640x4802 CDsOS: Win95/Win98. 1 


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Main character Jerain Stanway
Main character Rimelia Overheim
Main character Sofia Arrey

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  Sorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~

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