Kono Sekai no Mukou de


Kono Sekai no Mukou de
TitleKono Sekai no Mukou de
Original titleこの世界の向こうで
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperOrange Yell
Publishers Orange Yell
Shares characters
Sakura Nikagetsu


The protagonist of this story starts having been left behind by his parents with an enormous amount of debt to some rather nasty collectors. Just when he thinks his life is over, he meets the proprietor of a shop known as the 'Regret Store'. She tells him she is a being of the world after death and offers him a contract, for which he will receive a chance to turn his life around in exchange for performing a task of her choice. This task is to 'save' a girl with only three months to live...