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v1099.312019-08-25 at 10:41shinnewSecret GameWikidata.
v1099.302019-01-28 at 16:18nekonekogirlSecret Gamestaff
v1099.292019-01-09 at 11:22nekonekogirlSecret Gamestaff from wiki
v1099.282018-08-30 at 09:09nekonekogirlSecret Gamestaff
v1099.272018-04-12 at 22:20ionrae87Secret GameFormer credit used all-ages name, changed it to 18+ alias for consistency.
v1099.262018-04-12 at 22:19ionrae87Secret GameAdded staff
v1099.252018-01-12 at 17:49traumatizerSecret Game>worse contrast & saturation >all those marks >somehow manages to be even more LQ Why change it in the first place?
v1099.242018-01-11 at 17:06darkness-weaverSecret Gameoriginal cover
v1099.232017-11-02 at 09:32nekonekogirlSecret Gamestaff
v1099.222017-06-20 at 12:09ernovaceSecret GameAdded VA
v1099.212017-06-20 at 12:07ernovaceSecret GameUpdated VA
v1099.202017-06-20 at 12:04ernovaceSecret GameUpdated VA
v1099.192017-05-02 at 18:09ionrae87Secret GameAdded staff.
v1099.182016-10-29 at 23:21varioSecret Gamestaff
v1099.172016-02-16 at 20:55varioSecret Gamesame name, but different man
v1099.162015-12-27 at 23:01traumatizerSecret Gamestaff
v1099.152015-04-23 at 11:40gundamaceSecret GameThought I'd add a little clarification.
v1099.142015-04-23 at 11:25shinnewSecret GameStaff.
v1099.132015-03-17 at 16:42shinnewSecret GameStaff.
v1099.122015-03-11 at 19:54wakaranaiSecret Gameproper miru
v1099.112015-03-03 at 22:28gundamaceSecret GameAdded composer.
v1099.102015-02-26 at 05:34gundamaceSecret GameAdded vocals.
v1099.92015-02-22 at 15:12gundamaceSecret GameChanged prequel/sequel relationship because the remake replaced Code Revise as canon.
v1099.82015-02-03 at 06:38gundamaceSecret GameAdded staff.
v1099.72015-02-01 at 18:28aexisSecret GameDirector
v1099.62012-08-09 at 19:04multiSecret GameReverse relation update caused by revision v5435.11
v1099.52012-08-09 at 01:08kemegeSecret Gameadded more screenshots
v1099.42010-10-21 at 18:20multiSecret GameReverse relation update caused by revision v5435.1
v1099.32009-12-09 at 05:13izmosmolnarSecret Gamefurigana
v1099.22009-10-24 at 00:40tjmSecret GameAdded screenshots from trial version.
v1099.12008-09-21 at 09:14corruptdataSecret Game-not so much a port as completely new different game. -collars don't explode this time. exploding collars > security systems.