Onna Maou Kallen Chijoku Mamire no Zecchou Sanran Sei Chuukei

女魔王カーレン 恥辱まみれの絶頂産卵生中継

TitleOnna Maou Kallen Chijoku Mamire no Zecchou Sanran Sei Chuukei
Original title女魔王カーレン 恥辱まみれの絶頂産卵生中継
AliasesShe-Demon Kallen - Marinations of Shame Amid an Eternal Eggspawn Climaxxx!
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Innyuu Seijo Anemone ~Mamono Seieki d...
Shinnyuu Seiboshin Arya ~Seiboshin su...


The kingdom of St. Couragia had repelled many an invasion in past, but she-demon Kallen and her hordes struck again and again until Couragia was defeated.
Following the invasion, the kingdom's holy empress Iris was kidnapped, and two weeks later was shown to her people naked and detestably altered.
She had abandoned her faith and submitted completely to sins of the flesh.

Her people were shocked. Kallen reveled in the opprobrium she had caused.
"How lewd your whore Iris has become, eh?! Look at the pitiful sex addict before you! You once worshiped her.. I give you your empress now, knaves! A cumeater! A fuckwitted slave!"

Later, Kallen return to her quarters and had a drink delivered by a minion.
She only realized too late that the minion was someone who had taken over the
real power of her hordes. And the drink was a debilitating sex drug...

Thus, the disgrace and shaming marination of she-demon Kallen begins.

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