Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase!


Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase!
TitleYamato Nadeshiko o Sagase!
Original title大和撫子を探せ!
AliasesLook for the Yamato Nadeshiko!, Look for the Yamato-Nadesiko, 大和撫子をさがせ!
Publishers Chiffon


Main character is a university assistant immersed in Yamato Nadeshiko research. His former professor invents a time machine, and protagonist goes to the past to make Yamato Nadeshiko his girlfriend.

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2000-11-2318+  Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase!Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  

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Protagonist Ootomo Keisuke
Main character Catherine
Main character Himeko
Main character Kotoe
Main character Leila
Main character Professor Midorikawa
Main character Tokuhime
Main character Wendy

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  Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase!

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