Shihen 69 ~Shin'en no Messiah~


Shihen 69 ~Shin'en no Messiah~
TitleShihen 69 ~Shin'en no Messiah~
Original title詩篇69~深淵のメサイア~
AliasesPsalm 69 ~Abyss of Messiah~
DeveloperGesen 18
Publishers Unicorn-A
Shihen II ~Saitan no Catastrophe~


There is an old sacred book, in which everything that has happened in history is written down. But, one chapter was so dangerous that it had been divided, sealed and hidden throughout the land. One day, a king began to search for this sealed chapter. Felix, who is from a family with long ties to the book, joins the campaign, and as if led by fate meets five others.

[from Himeyashop]

Main characters

Side characters

Akbar Gill Clift
Akbar Gill Cliftアクバル・ジル・クリフト 
Hair, Beard, Red, Sidehair
Clothes, Cape, Plate Armor, Spaulders
Role, King
Voiced byTakizawa Atsuya
Arcady Draganov
Arcady Draganovアルカディ・ドラガノフ 
Hair, Bald
Eyes, Red
Clothes, Bracer, Necklace, Spaulders
Voiced byKojirou
Gustav Cabaner
Gustav Cabanerギュスターヴ・カバネル 
Hair, Curtained, Grey
Eyes, Amber
Clothes, Cape, Gloves, Monocle
Voiced byKojirou
Henri Mateus Junon
Henri Mateus Junonアンリ・マテウス・ジュノーン 
Hair, Beard, Curtained, Grey, Long, Moustache
Eyes, Grey
Body, Scar
Clothes, Circlet, Robe
Role, King
Siegfried von Bertserius
Siegfried von Bertseriusジークフリート・フォン・ベルツェリウス 
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Brown
Personality, Boku
Role, Prince
Voiced byTakeda Akio