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Snow Drop

Snow Drop
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperSweet Basil
PublishersSweet Basil
Peach Princess
7-oj volk & Triada
Shops» US$ 8.99 @ JAST USA


Snow drop is a beautiful European herb known for bearing nodding white flowers that often appear while the snow is on the ground, despite the cold of winter around it. Filled with symbolism of "hope" and "consolation," the beautiful flower is the central theme in Snow Drop, the romantic wintertime bishoujo adventure from Peach Princess!

You are Minoru Sasazuka, age 19, a bit of a dreamer with a difficult tendency of not being able to make decisions when your heart is involved. A normal Japanese boy, trying to get into college, you've got a handsome physique that should make you popular with girls, but your occasional penchant for romanticism drives them away.

Invited on a winter dream ski trip with a group of friends, you head for a ski lodge for some winter skiing and fun. For you, it's a journey home, since you frequented this particular lodge since when you were young. With you are Kyoka, a very special childhood friend of yours, her stylish sister Keika, and your sister, Honami.

At the lodge, you enjoy the hospitality of the owner, Kasumi, a competent woman with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. Also at the lodge is the lovely Shizuka, the mysterious helper who has many secrets.

As the story develops, you are confronted with the reality that Kyoka, your friend since childhood, loves you. You've suspected this, but haven't ever been able to face this before now, with the magical and romantic winter snow all around you. At the same time, you are strangely attracted to the quiet and romantic Shizuka-chan -- which will you choose? Although many erotic temptations are in store in the quiet mountain retreat, and there are many paths you can choose, you must be true to your heart.

[From Peach Princess]

Male Protagonist 3.0 Modern Day Japan 3.0 No Auto Function 3.0 Perverted Friend 3.0 WinterS 3.0 Blind Choices 2.8 ADV 2.7 Map Movement 2.5 Protagonist with Sexual Experience 2.5 Yuki-onna HeroineS 2.3 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine 2.2 Adult Heroine 2.0 AmnesiaS 2.0 Bad Ending(s) 2.0 Bisexual Heroine 2.0 Central Heroine 2.0 Countryside 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Early Sexual Content 2.0 Flashback 2.0 Game Over 2.0 Heroine with Glasses 2.0 Heroine with Pubic Hair 2.0 Lesbian Sex 2.0 Low Fantasy 2.0 Maid Heroine 2.0 Meaningless Choices 2.0 Missionary Position 2.0 Music Recollection 2.0 No "Keep Voice on Click" Option 2.0 No Quick Save/Load 2.0 One True End 2.0 Only Bad End Death of ProtagonistS 2.0 Perverted Heroine 2.0 Ponytail Heroine 2.0 PossessionS 2.0 Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character 2.0 ReincarnationS 2.0 Romance 2.0 Ryokan 2.0 Secret IdentityS 2.0 Sexual Content 2.0 Sister Support Character 2.0 Slice of Life Comedy 2.0 Student Heroine 2.0 Student Protagonist 2.0 Tomboy Heroine 2.0 Vaginal Fingering 2.0 Voyeurism 2.0 Heroine with Superpowered SideS 1.7 Onsen 1.7 Adult Protagonist 1.0 Butterfly 1.0 Childishly Violent Heroine 1.0 Cowgirl 1.0 Defloration 1.0 Father Support Character 1.0 Female Domination 1.0 Heroine with Sexual Experience 1.0 Masturbation with Object 1.0 Mother Support Character 1.0 Narrating Others' Thoughts 1.0 Outdoor Sex 1.0 Pissing 1.0 Protagonist with a Face 1.0 Quickie Fix Position 1.0 Sex in Public Places 1.0 Sex in Water 1.0 Side Character Having Sex with Others 1.0 Single Blowjob 1.0 Single Handjob 1.0 Sitting Sex 1.0 Spontaneous Sex Scenes 1.0 Standing Sex 1.0 Tsundere Heroine 1.0 Vaginal Masturbation 1.0 Wake-up Sex 1.0


Japanese (2)
2000-07-2018+Snow Drop
2002-10-3118+Snow Drop - DVDPG
English (2)
2001-05-0718+Snow Drop - Package Edition
2008-0718+Snow Drop - Download Edition
Russian (2)
200118+Snow Drop (unofficial)
200418+Snow Drop (unofficial)


Full character list

Character summary

Sasazuka MinoruProtagonist
Karasuyama KyoukaMain character
Voiced by AKIRA (seiyuu)
ShizukaMain character
Voiced by Konoha Kaede
Senkawa KasumiSide character
Voiced by Houjou Asuka
Karasuyama KeikaSide character
Voiced by Shirai Ayano
Sasazuka HonamiSide character
Voiced by Sakurai Shouko

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417 votes total, average 5.59 (so-so)
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Popularity: ranked #827 with a score of 2.53

Bayesian rating: ranked #26858 with a rating of 5.66


Snow Drop - Package Edition

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