Grand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~

グランドフィナーレ ~Final Funfair in 7 days~

Grand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~
TitleGrand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~
Original titleグランドフィナーレ ~Final Funfair in 7 days~
Publishers Lily-Z


After working almost the whole summer to make money for a seaside trip with his girlfriend, she left him because she longer love him the way she used to. While depressed and roasting in end of summer heat, he got a call from his childhood girl. It seems their local fun park is going to close in 7 days and they need him to help out there. Since he can never refuse her, he starts working as a cleaner in the park. While cleaning, he can chase one of 7 girls. They are his childhood girl, park manager, girl who lost her brother, English girl, horror house doll, alien girl and guardian angel. Will he be able to find lasting love?

[From Li's Fun House]


2000-06-3018+  Grand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD

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