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v113.142015-08-23 at 02:28jazz957San ShimaiComposer
v113.132013-04-07 at 21:33atlantimaSan Shimaiexposed camel toe and lap dance in strip club = seems nsfw
v113.122012-06-12 at 02:45eyelessSan ShimaiReverted to revision v113.10 No need to change screenshots
v113.112012-06-11 at 11:39[deleted]San ShimaiAdded screenshots
v113.102011-12-14 at 14:47slv76San ShimaiAlter title
v113.92010-09-26 at 13:57beliarSan Shimaiscreens, wiki link
v113.82008-10-22 at 15:11echomateriaSan ShimaiReplaced the English name with the romaji
v113.72008-10-22 at 15:03corruptdataThree Sisters' Storylink
v113.62008-06-22 at 13:05echomateriaThree Sisters' Story
v113.52008-03-12 at 09:53echomateriaThree Sisters' Story
v113.42008-02-29 at 17:22echomateriaThree Sisters' Story
v113.32008-02-29 at 09:33yorhelThree Sisters' Story
v113.22008-02-29 at 02:00echomateriaThree Sisters' Storychanged the description with the one at the JAST USA homepage
v113.12008-02-29 at 01:46echomateriaThree Sisters' Story