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Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen.


TitleMusume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen.
Original title娘³動物園~むすめさんじょう!!どうぶつえん。~
AliasesMusume³ Doubutsuen, Musume 3 Doubutsuen, 娘3動物園, 娘^3動物園, カラフルポップアドベンチャー, ちょっとダサくていい話…
DeveloperPanda House
PublishersPanda House & AiCherry
Shops» JP¥ 2750 @ DLsite


Main character loses parents, but inherits a zoo after them. Soon he finds three cradles with girls on his doorstep. Girls grow up and help around the zoo even under constant danger of its closure.

[From vndbreview]