Soyokaze no Uta ~Breeze Passed Us By~

微風の詩 ~Breeze passed us by~

Soyokaze no Uta ~Breeze Passed Us By~
TitleSoyokaze no Uta ~Breeze Passed Us By~
Original title微風の詩 ~Breeze passed us by~
Publishers Pinpai


Hero is on the last summer vacation in his school life and he still does not have a girlfriend. Pull yourself together, gather savings, learn girls tastes and forward you go!

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2000-05-2618+  Soyokaze no Uta ~Breeze Passed Us By~Non-freeCommercial1 CD  


Character summary

Main character Hino Haruka
Main character Koganei Sayaka
Main character Kouenji Megumi
Main character Tachikawa Chika
Main character Toyoda Wakana
Main character Yotsuya Misaki
Side character Takao

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