Ikki●sen -Tri Indignity-

一騎●千 -tri indignity-

TitleIkki●sen -Tri Indignity-
Original title一騎●千 -tri indignity-
AliasesBattle V*xens -Tri Indignity-, Ikkitousen -Tri Indignity-
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers SABER FISH
Shares characters
[unofficial] Event e Ikou! Sono 7
Same series
Ikki●Sen -Tri Fucker-
Nakadashi o Segande Kuru Midara na On...
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I struggled in my adult life to find a place...

Then came the girls. A sea of girls. I didn't know
their names, but their uniforms said it all.

They were students of Seito Gakuen.

Me and these beautiful girls. I felt... liberated.
The deep black surge of lust inside...

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