Yami no Sasayaki ~Dark Whisper~

闇のささやき~Dark Whisper~

Yami no Sasayaki ~Dark Whisper~
TitleYami no Sasayaki ~Dark Whisper~
Original title闇のささやき~Dark Whisper~
Publishers Misty


Michitaka Michigami studies at a full board school that puts a huge emphasis on martial arts. Students aren't allowed to leave school grounds and keep any devices including radio, and there's a habit to obey teachers orders there. Hero and girl Reiko rebelled against excessively strict measures and got close to each other on this basis. What are the prohibited locations in this school for and what kind of experiment is being held there?

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1998-05-2218+  Yami no Sasayaki ~Dark Whisper~Non-freeCommercial800x6001 CD

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