Little Piece Vol.2

Little Piece Vol.2
TitleLittle Piece Vol.2
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperStudio e.go!
Publishers Studio e.go!
Little Piece Vol.1


Fujimino High School. It looks normal, but people with mysterious power sometimes appear. This is a comedic but a little bit serious story about these people....

[From Himeya Shop]

Little Piece is a series of three games and each game is divided into two parts in itself called; Psi0nic L0vers and Cross x Street.


2008-05-3018+  Little Piece Vol.2Non-freeCommercial1 DVD 2 


Character summary

Protagonist Fred Chiyozaki
Protagonist Hibino Yukihiro
Protagonist Komori Akito
Protagonist Nagai Randou
Main character Hachisuka Karen
Main character Kannazuki Shizuka
Main character Kujou Kyouko
Main character Noda Emiri
Side character Nakatsu Shuu

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