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v11472.322018-05-25 at 23:08[deleted]Ken ga Kimicomposer
v11472.312017-01-23 at 06:44707Ken ga Kimi..
v11472.302017-01-06 at 00:22nutellafanKen ga KimiAdded remaining VAs.
v11472.292016-12-30 at 12:24rurunikiriKen ga Kimiup
v11472.282016-12-29 at 14:51rurunikiriKen ga Kimiup
v11472.272016-12-22 at 15:09rurunikiriKen ga KimiPretty much confirmed its a FD by now.
v11472.262016-08-27 at 00:12kaysteKen ga Kimi+1
v11472.252016-07-20 at 10:50varioKen ga Kimi+1
v11472.242016-05-11 at 14:52nutellafanKen ga KimiAdded credit.
v11472.232016-04-25 at 13:06nutellafanKen ga KimiUpon savagetiger's suggestion, it's been decided that we'll use "Same series" for now. The games' VNDb entries are still able to be linked without
v11472.222016-04-25 at 04:41nutellafanKen ga KimiI repeat (link), (link): It has not been officially confirmed if Momoyo Tsuzuri is a fandisc, side story or a sequel. I think it's an after story
v11472.212016-04-25 at 00:11novellaKen ga KimiAdded relation
v11472.202016-03-24 at 13:05nutellafanKen ga KimiAgain, if we don't have any official/credible knowledge, don't even bother adding Relations yet. No need to rush.
v11472.192016-02-14 at 18:26meikonanamiKen ga Kimiedit relation till more info is available since we do not know if it a FD yet
v11472.182016-02-14 at 18:22meikonanamiKen ga Kimirelation
v11472.172015-06-13 at 06:14savagetigerKen ga Kimistaff
v11472.162015-05-13 at 13:26savagetigerKen ga KimiThat's the specific member.
v11472.152015-05-13 at 10:33nutellafanKen ga KimiAdded staff.
v11472.142015-03-28 at 06:57savagetigerKen ga Kimistaff
v11472.132015-03-15 at 11:22nutellafanKen ga KimiAdded staff.
v11472.122015-02-03 at 00:55savagetigerKen ga Kimicast
v11472.112015-01-31 at 22:23savagetigerKen ga Kimicast
v11472.102015-01-31 at 16:29misskieryKen ga Kimiadded seiyuu
v11472.92014-09-27 at 08:26ayameKen ga KimiFixed description.
v11472.82014-01-14 at 03:12schwarzmasaKen ga KimiLength
v11472.72014-01-05 at 22:25misskieryKen ga Kimiofficial jacket picture
v11472.62014-01-05 at 21:58misskieryKen ga Kimiss
v11472.52014-01-05 at 21:53misskieryKen ga Kimiadd ss
v11472.42014-01-05 at 20:49misskieryKen ga Kimiss
v11472.32012-11-11 at 02:36nananaKen ga Kimiimg
v11472.22012-11-11 at 02:33nananaKen ga Kimidesc
v11472.12012-11-03 at 23:21nutellafanKen ga KimiAdded visual novel