Mizu Tenbin ~Nageki no Namida~

水天秤 ~嘆きの涙~

TitleMizu Tenbin ~Nageki no Namida~
Original title水天秤 ~嘆きの涙~
DeveloperApple Pie
Publishers Apple Pie


In order to become a successor to the world's most prestigious conglomerate, main character must fulfill Don 's unusual desires which is to collect all kinds of female body liquids. It's a dark world here, and it's possible to dispose of opposing persons calmly.

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2000-07-2818+  Mizu Tenbin ~Nageki no Namida~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD

Character summary

Main character Hashiba Keiko
Voiced by Hinakoi Hibiki
Main character Narumi Rei
Voiced by Yamabuki Kotori
Main character Ninomiya Kyouko
Voiced by Aya
Main character Ootsuki Shouko
Voiced by Uzuki Yuki
Main character Owada Mai
Voiced by Serizono Miya

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  Mizu Tenbin ~Nageki no Namida~

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