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Phantomphobia -Shinri-


TitlePhantomphobia -Shinri-
Original titlePhantomphobia-真理-
AliasesPhantomphobia Truth, ファントムフォービア
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperOyashiro-sama ga Miteru
PublishersOyashiro-sama ga Miteru
Oyashiro-sama ga Miteru
Irene D. C.
Alternative version
Phantomphobia ~Ikai~
Shares characters
[unofficial] Qīngniǎo de Xūxiàng - Fullmetal Alche...
[unofficial] RE*start
[unofficial] Roy Mustang no Akunaki Tatakai
[unofficial] Roy-san Jiken Desu!
Related anime[DB-ANN] Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (TV Series, 2003)


The new version of an older game (Phantomphobia Outsider) it was released in 2008 by a Chinese team.

It follows a similar premise to that of the older game, with Edward falling into a parallel world in which alchemy doesn't exist and everyone has fulfilled his wishes. Now he must find a way back to his world, as well as solving a chimera incident.

The game features boy x boy romance, and different paths and endings according to the chosen companion.


2008-02-1015+Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Chinese Version)
2008-02-1015+Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Chinese Version) Special Edition
2008-08-1615+Phantomphobia -Shinri-
2009-08-1615+Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Voiced DVD version)
2019-04-1415+Phantomphobia - Truth (patch)

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Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Chinese Version)

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Phantomphobia - Truth

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