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Phantomphobia - Truth(patch)FreewareNA for patches2019-04-1415+
Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Voiced DVD version)Non-free, doujin800x600Fully voiced2009-08-1615+
Phantomphobia -Shinri-Non-free, doujin800x600Unknown2008-08-1615+According to the website, the game must be copied from the CD to the hard drive in order to play properly.
Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Chinese Version) Special EditionNon-free, doujin800x600Unknown2008-02-1015+Chinese text, Japanese voice.

- Game disc (DVD)
- Game CD (music CD for the OP and ED of the game)
- Instruction booklet
- Edward bag (special)
- Gag book, which has some random drawings and commentary by the circle members (special)

[Special edition info from armor-alchemist]
Phantomphobia -Shinri- (Chinese Version)Non-free, doujin800x600Unknown2008-02-1015+Chinese text, Japanese voice