Shiratsuyu no Kai


Shiratsuyu no Kai
TitleShiratsuyu no Kai
Original titleしらつゆの怪
Publishers Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
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The protagonist is a girl who has been invited by some boys to spend a night telling ghost stories in an old shrine as a test of courage.

In the middle of the hundredth story, they discover a hidden door in the shrine. After descending an underground path, what they see at the end is...

Legend, a guardian deity, sacrifice.

They had thought this was all a forgotten old tale. But when the sacrificial markings are left on the girl's body, they are once again visited by the guardian deity.

Being called by the fate of their own blood...


Ichikawa Tsuyuha
Ichikawa Tsuyuha市川 露葉 B
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm
Hair, Short, White
Eyes, Brown
Body, Teen
Personality, Stoic
Role, Nameable, Orphan, Tsukkomi


19 years old. Born in April.
Both her parents died when she was young and she's currently living with foster parents.
She doesn't show emotions very much.

Main characters

Kanda Chiaki
Kanda Chiaki神田 千明 O
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Hair, Blue, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Clothes, Sunglasses, Tank Top
Role, High School Student
Voiced bySugiyama Noriaki


18 years old. Born in April.
Takaomi's friend and roommate.
He's a quick thinker who's good at dealing with problems.
He often slips out of the dorm to go hang out with Takaomi and the twins.
His nickname is Chi-chan.

Mitani Soushi
Mitani Soushi三谷 湊巳 B
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Hair, Brown, Ponytail, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Role, High School Student, Twin Brother
Voiced byHino Satoshi


17 years old. Born in March.
Ryouta's older twin brother. After his parent's divorce he went to live with his mother.
An aimless guy who doesn't show his true colors.
He's a bit clumsy when it comes to himself or his brother, and can't just say things straight.

Nakamachi Shin
Nakamachi Shin中町 伸 O
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm
Hair, Red, Short
Eyes, Grey
Body, Tall, Young-adult
Role, Legal Guardian
Voiced byMorita Masakazu


28 years old. Born in November.
He's not blood related to the protagonist, but he has looked after her since she was young like a foster parent.
He's a blunt guy with a bad mouth, but he wishes for the protagonist's happiness above all else.
His grandfather took custody of the protagonist after her parents died, and after he died Shin started looking after her.
For some reason he's living hidden away from his relatives.

Senke Kiyoharu
Senke Kiyoharu千家 清春 B
MeasurementsHeight: 179cm
Hair, Green, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Amber
Body, Teen
Personality, Energetic
Role, High School Student
Voiced byMorikubo Shoutarou


18 years old. Born in July.
The childhood friend of the twins, they've known each other since nursery school.
An excitable guy who is always the life of the party.
He's not that great at studying but he is good at messing with machines and other small tasks.
His nickname is Haru.

Shima Takaomi
Shima Takaomi志摩 孝臣 AB
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Grey
Body, Teen
Personality, Food Lover, Lazy
Role, High School Student
Voiced byKakihara Tetsuya


18 years old. Born in May.
The childhood friend of the twins, but he goes to a different high school.
He's friends with his roommate Chiaki. And they often hang out with the twins.
Contrary to his appearance he's a glutton who sleeps a lot.

Tsukamoto Ryouta
Tsukamoto Ryouta塚本 良太 O
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Violet
Body, Teen
Personality, Relaxed
Role, High School Student, Twin Brother
Voiced byMatsuoka Yoshitsugu


17 years old. Born in March.
Soushi's younger twin brother.
A calm guy who does things at his own pace, but he has the power to completely shut down Soushi and Kiyoharu when they get too excited.

Side characters

Hair, Black, Eye Covering, Long, Multicolored, Red
Eyes, Red
Body, Horns, Young-adult
Clothes, Kimono
Role, Oni
Voiced byHino Satoshi


An oni enshrined near the village that has sacrificial rituals performed for it.
He doesn't really care much about the rituals and just watches, but after meeting a young girl his feelings change.

Hair, Waist Length+, White
Clothes, Kimono, Mask
Personality, Mysterious
Voiced byIguchi Yuuichi


A masked person who sometimes appears in front of the protagonist.
He mutters that he is waiting for her but...
<hidden by spoiler settings>Hidden sub-capturable character.

Hair, Black, Long
Eyes, Black
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Kimono
Voiced byFujisaki Kaori


A girl that is going to be sacrificed.
With her own will she accepts her destiny.