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v11504.162017-09-07 at 12:37nutellafanShiratsuyu no KaiI've added it because Edge Works themselves specifically pointed out those two were partially involved (link), but not Takagi Seiko. Given her
v11504.152017-09-07 at 12:27varioShiratsuyu no KaiWhy do you add "partial" when it is obvious that they didn't write the whole thing. There are several writers. Of course, they only did a part of the
v11504.142017-09-07 at 12:26nutellafanShiratsuyu no KaiAdded writers. (link)
v11504.132017-08-26 at 12:25nutellafanShiratsuyu no KaiAdded artist credits.
v11504.122016-12-29 at 09:14varioShiratsuyu no Kai+1
v11504.112016-02-06 at 04:58savagetigerShiratsuyu no Kaicast
v11504.102015-12-25 at 11:55nekonekogirlShiratsuyu no KaiAdded song info
v11504.92015-04-05 at 08:00savagetigerShiratsuyu no Kaistaff
v11504.82015-03-21 at 22:48traumatizerShiratsuyu no Kaisongs
v11504.72013-08-04 at 18:07amai-yumeShiratsuyu no KaiRYOUTA, MY PRECIOUS BABY (ノ>▽<。)ノ
v11504.62013-08-03 at 16:47amai-yumeShiratsuyu no Kaiscreens
v11504.52013-05-14 at 03:27schwarzmasaShiratsuyu no KaiLimited edition's cover art
v11504.42012-11-12 at 23:30schwarzmasaShiratsuyu no Kaiimage and description
v11504.32012-11-10 at 03:59eyelessShiratsuyu no Kaititle
v11504.22012-11-09 at 19:05turbomugenShiratuyu no Kaiadded info
v11504.12012-11-09 at 19:02turbomugenShiratuyu no Kainew vn