Issho ni Chapuchapu Time! ~Ofuro de Ichaicha Seikatsu~

一緒にちゃぷちゃぷたいむ! ~お風呂でいちゃいちゃ生活~

TitleIssho ni Chapuchapu Time! ~Ofuro de Ichaicha Seikatsu~
Original title一緒にちゃぷちゃぷたいむ! ~お風呂でいちゃいちゃ生活~
AliasesChap Chap Time Together!
DeveloperParfum Soft
Publishers Parfum Soft


"The bath is one of life's choices." said some great person.
You play as an ordinary guy who is forced by your father to choose between two cute sisters who you've known since childhood, to be your bride. You're also forced to live with the two sisters and they both want to take a bath with you like old times. It's the start of an ecchi life for you as you choose which girl you'd want to go to bath with.
A fun eroge by Parfumsoft with baths as the main theme and tons of ecchi scenes involving baths plus additional girls besides the two sisters who you can choose.

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Hoshino Touji星野 統治 
AliasesTooji, とーじ, Too-kun, とーくん
Body, Pale, Teen
Role, High School Student, Student Club President
Subject of, Nightmares