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Toriko no Chigiri ~Kazoku no Tame ni Karada o Sashidasu Ane to Imouto~

虜ノ契 ~家族のために身体を差し出す姉と妹~

TitleToriko no Chigiri ~Kazoku no Tame ni Karada o Sashidasu Ane to Imouto~
Original title虜ノ契 ~家族のために身体を差し出す姉と妹~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperGuilty eX
PublishersGuilty eX & Dennou Club & Guilty
Same series
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Related anime[DB] Toriko no Chigiri: Kazoku no Tame ni Shintai o ... (OVA, 2013)


Two sisters, living peacefully with their grandfather who heads a Yakuza group, face a dilemma when their grandfather falls ill and another rival group starts putting pressure.

The only way out is to accept the deal with another Yakuza group for support in return for one of the girls.

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By barfboy on 2021-02-12Vote: 5
<report>There's no rape in this. It's not even blackmail, everyone's a willing participant. It's sort of a letdown but at the same time it's interesting to watch Yakumo Rio and Yakumo Miyu completely fall into corruption. Okay, there IS technically rape in this game but it's nobody characters you don't even get to know. There are scenes with literal who characters being raped but none of that affects the main girls or story, it's as if they included them just to pretend this is a rape game without including any for any of the main girls.

Rio needs help, her grandfather and her family life are in danger. She turns to the only people she thinks can help and they say 'what's in it for us?' so she... Read more »