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Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~

魔導巧殻 ~闇の月女神は導国で詠う~

魔導巧殻 ~闇の月女神は導国で詠う~
Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~
Modao Qiaoke
Play timeVery long (66h30m from 4 votes)
Zodgame Hanhuazu
starik222 & Visual Novel Reader's
Same setting

Ikusa Megami Zero

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Melkia empire is one of the five great countries in the middle of the continent, ruled by an emperor and four skilled field marshals. Its east provinces are constantly under attack from an old enemy, Yun Gasol alliance.

When one of the four marshals dies in a battle, enraged emperor sends reinforcements to the region, and being a part of it Weisheit, the protagonist, now have to defend his homeland as a military commander.

Leader Protagonist 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.8 War 2.8 Fantasy 2.8 Pragmatic Protagonist 2.8 Inventor Heroine 2.7 Intrigue 2.7 New Game Plus 2.7 City Building Game 2.6 Branching Plot 2.6 Evil Route 2.6 Multiple Endings 2.6 One True End 2.6 Map Movement 2.5 ADV 2.5 Strategy Game 2.5 Knight Heroine 2.4 Leader Heroine 2.4 Lost Technology 2.4 Officer Heroine 2.4 Queen Heroine 2.4 Living Doll Support Character 2.4 Officer Protagonist 2.4 Defloration 2.4 Politics 2.4 Tactician Protagonist 2.3 Real Time Strategy Game 2.3 Harem EndingS 2.2 Dragon 2.2 Magic 2.2 Protagonist with a Face 2.2 Sex Involving Prostitution 2.2 Summoning 2.2 Royal Protagonist 2.1 Demons 2.1 Group Sex of One Male and Several FemalesS 2.1 Kemonomimi Heroine 2.1 Early Sexual Content 2.1 Life and Death Drama 2.1 Simulation Game 2.1 Anilingus 2.0 Avoidable Rape 2.0 Changeable Font 2.0 Colored Texts 2.0 Cowgirl 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Death of HeroineS 2.0 Deities 2.0 Dragon Heroine 2.0 Elves 2.0 Game Over 2.0 Hairjob 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 Intercrural Sex 2.0 Living Doll Heroine 2.0 More Than Seven Endings 2.0 Multiple Penetration 2.0 Non-human Heroine 2.0 Outdoor Sex 2.0 Piledriver 2.0 Prostitution 2.0 Quickie Fix Position 2.0 Reverse Cowgirl 2.0 Reverse Missionary 2.0 Sacrifice 2.0 Sexual Blindfold 2.0 Side Portraits 2.0 Single Buttjob 2.0 Sitting Sex 2.0 Sixty-nine 2.0 Spoons 2.0 Standing Sex 2.0 Sword Combat 2.0 Threesome 2.0 Twin Boobjob 2.0 Twin HandjobS 2.0 Undead 2.0 Voyeurism 2.0 Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting 1.9 Rape 1.9 Revenge 1.9 Doggy Style 1.8 Possession 1.8 Mind Control 1.7 Ghost 1.7 Medieval Fantasy 1.7 Romance 1.6 Siscon Support Character 1.6 High Sexual Content 1.5 Betrayal 1.5 Homunculus Support Character 1.4 Mindbreak 1.4 Missionary Position 1.2 Naga Heroine 1.2 Group Sex of One Female and Several MalesS 1.1 Anal Sex 1.0 Anal Toys 1.0 Children EndingS 1.0 Lactation During Sex 1.0 Legwear Footjob 1.0 Single Blowjob 1.0 Single Boobjob 1.0 Single Handjob 1.0 Tentacle Rape 1.0 Vaginal Masturbation 1.0 Vibrators 1.0 Robot Heroine 0.9 Inventor Protagonist 0.9 Blowjob 0.5 Anal Penetration 0.4 Short Sexual Scenes 0.3


Japanese (3)
2013-02-1818+Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Trial Edition
2013-04-2618+Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Package Edition
2015-07-0318+Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Download Edition
English (2)
2013-05-0218+Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Interface Patch (unofficial patch)
2014-05-2818+Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ (unofficial machine translation patch)
Chinese (simplified) (1)
2013-08-1118+Modao Qiaoke (unofficial patch)
Russian (2)
2023-07-2518+Misticheskie kukly v1.5.2 (unofficial patch)
2023-11-1018+Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ (unofficial patch)


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Shiki Ji
AlMain character
Eiferia PradaMain character
Voiced by Jushi Meiya
Olfan ZairudMain character
Garmus GrizzlerMain character
Voiced by Iwao Zenshuu
Gulandross VasganMain character
Voiced by Mita Shirokon
NafqaMain character
Neneka HarnessMain character
Voiced by Oukawa Mio
Feruano Lir LanahimeMain character
Voiced by Hirokawa Kotone
BellMain character
Voiced by Touma Yumi
Margireta SiriosMain character
Voiced by Fujimori Yukina
Liselle L'oursonMain character
Voiced by Kitami Rikka
LuneMain character
Voiced by Murasato Ryuu
Alphimia ZaraSide character
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Ayr CialSide character
Elfaticia NougetSide character
Voiced by Akashi Yuki
Elmina ExSide character
Voiced by Kusunoki Suzune
Gilk SecurionSide character
Krais Lir LanahimeSide character
Voiced by Aoshima Yaiba
Corona FriziniSide character
Voiced by Ueda Akane
Zalmagus GranSide character
Voiced by Seji Haruyuki
Dalmagna DoraSide character
Voiced by Maki Masato
Patirna ShinkuSide character
Voiced by Enokizu Mao
FaithSide character
Voiced by Yagami Daisuke
MayMay AnderstakeSide character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Lacrille SeicrassSide character
Voiced by Momoi Ichigo
Li AnesSide character
Voiced by Suzune Kagetsu
Ruinn SacculiSide character
Voiced by Shion Miyabi

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Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Trial Edition

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Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Package Edition

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