Femme Fatale

ファム ファタール

Femme Fatale
TitleFemme Fatale
Original titleファム ファタール
Publishers Inspire


Taisho era. Main character is a detective in Tokyo. He returns to hometown to dispose of his father's legacy. Local policeman tells him about a case of girl death from illness at a boarding school, but under suspicious conditions. Detective decides to investigate the incident as he needs to stay at the town for some time anyway.

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Main characters

Freya Kurschenger
Freya Kurschengerフレイア カーシェンガー 
Hair, Blond, Long
Eyes, Garnet
Clothes, Blouse, Glasses, Skirt
Role, Teacher
Voiced byMomoi Ichigo (Free Distribution Edition)
Karen Goldsweith
Karen Goldsweithカレン ゴールドスウェイス 
Hair, Blond, Curtained, Waist Length+
Eyes, Cyan
Clothes, Blouse, Glasses, Skirt, String Ribbon Tie
Voiced byOusaka Kai (Free Distribution Edition)
Li Cuiling
Li Cuiling黎 翠玲 
Hair, Bun, Long, Violet
Eyes, Violet
Clothes, Chinese Dress
Role, Chinese
Voiced byKobayashi Kazumi (Free Distribution Edition)
Rachel Verlaine
Rachel Verlaineレイチェル ヴェルレーヌ 
Hair, Blond, Curly, Curtained, Long
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Dress, Knee-high Socks, Mary Jane
Voiced byTamiyasu Tomoe (Free Distribution Edition)
Yagami Suzuka
Yagami Suzuka八神 鈴花 
Hair, Blue, Short
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Dress, Mary Jane
Role, Younger Sister
Voiced byMomoi Ichigo (Free Distribution Edition)

Side characters