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v11647.92019-02-20 at 18:53kivandopulusFemme Fataledesc
v11647.82018-11-25 at 12:21vortexoblivionFemme FataleJust added the time where the game was voiced.
v11647.72018-03-16 at 23:00multiFemme FataleReverse relation update caused by revision v501.14
v11647.62017-01-27 at 03:17wakaranaiFemme Fatalecast
v11647.52016-06-19 at 03:54necrofantasiaFemme Fatalescreenshots
v11647.42016-04-25 at 07:12chipp12Femme Fatalelink また、同ブランドの作品である『ファムファタール』 (femme fatale) は前作にあたる。
v11647.32015-10-22 at 07:41varioFemme Fatalestaff
v11647.22012-11-24 at 03:19eyelessFemme Fatalecapitalization, cover
v11647.12012-11-23 at 03:02eiesoldarfemme fataleVN added