Ikusa Otome Angela ~Kyodai Monster ni Kojiakerareta Seiiki


TitleIkusa Otome Angela ~Kyodai Monster ni Kojiakerareta Seiiki
Original title戦乙女アンジェラ~巨大モンスターにこじ開けられた聖域
AliasesWar Maiden Angela -Her Sacredness Wrenched Open By Phallus Monsters-
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers G Spot & MorningStar


"I'm unforgivable... impure, lewd...
I'm a half goddess... surrendering to my own lust...!"

Valkyrie Angela, daughter of Odeon, was on a mission in Midgard.
Amid some demolished buildings she sought revenge on a young dragon,
but the gears of fate turned against her that day...

A massive, mindless ogre heartlessly pierces her chaste hole.
Then, angered by her attack, the father dragon copulates with her,
turning Angela's love hole into a miasma of hell juice.

The fallen warrioress shrieks, but there is no mercy here!

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