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v11697.52017-12-30 at 10:23leeryShinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Banseisetsu Zen'ya-title
v11697.42013-02-06 at 22:21arkady18Shinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Banseisetsu Zenya-title fix. it's enough to google 万聖節 to find the correct reading, ばんせいせつ
v11697.32012-12-08 at 13:39binfujiwaraShinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Manseisetsu Zenya-screenshots
v11697.22012-11-29 at 12:33eyelessShinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Manseisetsu Zenya-I guess that's the reading...
v11697.12012-11-29 at 07:36binfujiwaraShinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Halloween-vn