Mahou Shoujo Holy Princess!


TitleMahou Shoujo Holy Princess!
Original title魔法少女ホーリープリンセス!
AliasesMagical Girl Holy Princess!
DeveloperDevil-seal & Softhouse-Seal
Publishers Bisket & Softhouse-Seal


* Everything cums gushing! Acme slavery *

Two beautiful girls Maya and Yuna of Shiritsu Yumemi Gakuen (lit., Dreamview Private Academy)
one day met a pixie named Lulu, hailing from "Dreamland".
Dreamland was fueled by the vast and glorious hopes and desires of humans.
But an evil presence, Murderqua, was selfishly snatching up those desires.

Lulu had come from Dreamland to Shiritsu Yumemi in search of magical girls.
She pleaded with Maya and Yuna to take up the mantle of justice
and blight the evil Murderqua with the element of surprise.

However, Murderqua was already onto them, and had dispatched mad scientist Clark to the girls.

Clark unleashed tentacles of his own special design on Maya and Yuna, intending to
break their spirits in his basement lab.

What hope do they have if they're failed so soon!? Will evil prevail?

* A magical girl breakdown XXX ADV tentacle fiesta
Tentacle birth / aphrodisiac sex slavery / gangbanged battle babes
Situations cum gushing at two fresh (fallen) heroines!!

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