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Days of Memories ~Junpaku no Tenshi-tachi~

Days of Memories 〜純白の天使たち〜

TitleDays of Memories ~Junpaku no Tenshi-tachi~
Original titleDays of Memories 〜純白の天使たち〜
AliasesDOM: Pure White Angels
DeveloperSNK Playmore
PublishersSNK Playmore
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It takes place in a large hospital with secrets buried under its pure white exterior. Solve the mystery and discover the tragic pasts of the girls before the evil that lurks in the wings of the hospital overtakes them.


2007-06-19Days of Memories ~Junpaku no Tenshi-tachi~
2008-04-2415+Days of Memories 2


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Oozaki RyouProtagonist
              Alice Garnet NakataMain character
              Elisabeth BlanctorcheMain character
              Izuka AyameMain character
              Izuka TsugumiMain character
              Luise MeyrinkMain character
              MarinMain character
              MomokoMain character
              Ninon BeartMain character
              MagakiSide character
              Mignon BeartSide character
              ShionSide character
              VanessaSide character
              Watabe KaoriSide character

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