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Phase-D: Shirokage no Shou

Phase D 白影の章

TitlePhase-D: Shirokage no Shou
Original titlePhase D 白影の章
AliasesPhaseD -フェイズディ- 白影の章
DeveloperBOOST ON
PublishersBOOST ON
Phase-D: Souka no Shou
Phase-D: Kokusei no Shou
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Second chapter in the four-volume Phase D sci-fi visual novel series. There are four phases of human existence. From conception to birth is called Phase A. From birth to death is called Phase B. From death to disappearance of the corpse is Phase C. And last, remnant after the death, separate from the corpse, is referred to as Phase D. Protagonist in this chapter is a man called Yukito who lost his left arm in a car accident. But he started feeling severe phantom limb pain. As he cried for help in his mind, he heard a female voice in his head telling him to extend his new hand if he wants the pain to stop.

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2012-02-2312+Phase-D: Shirokage no Shou - Regular Edition
2012-02-2312+Phase-D: Shirokage no Shou - First Press Limited Edition
2013-03-2815+Phase-D Complete Box

Full character list

Character summary

ProtagonistMiyagishi Yukito
Main characterTakamine Natsuki
Voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori
Side characterFujishiro Ayana
Voiced by Satou Satomi
Side characterIchishi Ren
Voiced by Sakura Ayane
Side characterKuze Sachika
Voiced by Itou Shizuka
Side characterMiyagishi Kurumi
Voiced by Kobayashi Keiko
Side characterSayama Misao
Voiced by Ozaki Mami

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Phase-D: Shirokage no Shou - Regular Edition

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