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Shiro no Seiki Kishi Ciel -Ajin ni Shihai Sareta Seikyoukoku-


TitleShiro no Seiki Kishi Ciel -Ajin ni Shihai Sareta Seikyoukoku-
Original title白の聖姫騎士シエル-亜人に支配された聖教国-
AliasesWhite Princess Knight Ciel -A Land Ruled by Celestials-
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
PublishersFREE RANCH


Ciel Avelina, first princess of the sacred kingdom of Reima, fought to defend her people and beliefs.
In her majestic white gear, full of the love and compassion of the creator Reimatel, she was like an angel.
The lusts of nonhuman aggressors attacked Ciel. Her virginity was plundered by orcs, feces washed from
her sodomized anus, she was drunk with the lust of wanton bestiality and sex with nameless monsters.

Steeped in her own profane juices, learned of forbidden feelings as a slave.

[From DLSite English]

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