Ingyaku Hitozuma


TitleIngyaku Hitozuma
Original title淫虐人妻
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
PublishersStudio-Sakura & Amber


The lead character (looks like Ashida ****o) is a swimming instructor, who have sexual relationship with his one of colleagues, Henmi Homami. One day, Kurosawa Rina appears before him, thinking of sending her son to the school. He has a crush on her and desperately want to have an affair with her.

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2006-01-2618+Ingyaku Hitozuma - Download Edition
2006-02-2818+Ingyaku Hitozuma - Package Edition
2007-01-1918+Hitozuma no Wareme - Bakunyuu Celeb ni Ibutsusounyuu! Yamete, Oma*ko ga Sakechau... - DVDPG
2010-09-1018+Amber Revival 1980 Series - Hitozuma no Wareme - DVDPG

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