Dream Hunter Remu ~Inmu no Ryakudatsusha~

ドリームハンター麗夢 ~淫夢ノ略奪者~

TitleDream Hunter Remu ~Inmu no Ryakudatsusha~
Original titleドリームハンター麗夢 ~淫夢ノ略奪者~
AliasesDream Hunter R*mu - Pillagers of the Erotic Dream, ドリ○ムハンター麗夢 淫夢ノ略奪者
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperBorneo PARA.SITE
Publishers Borneo PARA.SITE
Dream Hunter Remu Nemureru Jashin
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Remu Ayanokouji, a girl who has solved numerous mysteries while asleep, now found herself standing in front of the demon pillaging the dream world, and his servants!
They charge Remu, assaulting her in numerous ways.

[From DLSite English]

Nukige 2.0


2007-12-3118+  Dream Hunter Remu ~Inmu no Ryakudatsusha~ Package EditionNon-freeDoujin640x4801 CD  
2008-01-3118+  Dream Hunter Remu ~Inmu no Ryakudatsusha~ Download EditionNon-freeDoujin640x480Internet download  

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