Monmusu Quest! Shuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~

もんむす・くえすと!終章 ~負ければ妖女に犯される~

TitleMonmusu Quest! Shuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~
Original titleもんむす・くえすと!終章 ~負ければ妖女に犯される~
AliasesMonmusu Quest! Epilogue, MGQ 3
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperTorotoro Resistance
PublishersTorotoro Resistance
Rogue Translator & Sengoku Trans
Sengoku Trans & Poteryannaya stanciya
Monmusu Quest! Chuushou ~Makereba You...
Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou
[unofficial] Monster Girl Quest: NG+ (Ecstasy)
Related anime[DB] Monmusu Quest! (Web, 2017)


Toro Toro Resistance presents the 3rd act of the massive fantasy RPG adventure!
Epilogue to Monmusu Quest! Origins.

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!
Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you! Lose and you will be r*ped!
Not one scene of boys violating girls. Masochists rejoice!

You are the hero, a young boy.
Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures.
All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all!
It's an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?

High Amount of Bad Endings 3.0 Monster Rape 3.0 Male Protagonist 3.0 High Amounts of Rape 3.0 Game Over 3.0 Monster Girl Heroine 3.0 One True End 3.0 Major Antagonist 3.0 Female Domination 3.0 Reverse Rape 3.0 Sounds of Copulation 3.0 Shota Protagonist 3.0 Built-in Encyclopedia 3.0 Sex With Monsters 3.0 Monsters 3.0 SelfcestS 3.0 Rape on Defeat 3.0 Orphan Protagonist 3.0 Early Sexual Content 2.9 Duel 2.9 Monster Girl Support Character 2.9 Fantasy 2.9 Past Setting in a Fictional World 2.9 Sword Wielding Protagonist 2.9 Shotacon 2.8 Odyssey 2.8 ADV 2.8 High Sexual Content 2.8 Sexual Slavery 2.8 Protagonist with a Face 2.8 Kemonomimi Heroine 2.8 Sword Combat 2.8 Boobjob 2.8 Fictional Beings 2.8 Fighting Protagonist 2.8 War 2.7 Sadist Heroine 2.7 Hint Corner 2.7 Cowgirl 2.7 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.6 Heroine with Tattoo 2.6 Internal Exhibition of Sex 2.6 Heroine with Sexual Experience 2.6 Central Heroine 2.5 Straight Shotacon 2.5 Reverse Cowgirl 2.4 Religious Organization 2.4 Protagonist's Opponent as a Heroine 2.3 RPG 2.3 Difficulty Settings 2.3 Heroine with Visible Panties 2.3 Elemental Beings 2.2 Clothed Female Naked Male 2.2 Succubus Heroine 2.2 Romance 2.2 Loli Support Character 2.0 Straight Lolicon 2.0 Impregnation 2.0 Silhouettes 2.0 Kitsune Heroine 2.0 Science Fantasy 2.0 Music Recollection 2.0 Proactive Protagonist 1.9 Loli Heroine 1.9 Personal Armed Combat 1.9 Vore 1.8 Comedy 1.8 Footjob 1.8 Scientist Heroine 1.7 Map Movement 1.7 Facesitting 1.7 Terrorized by Monsters 1.6 Nukige 1.5 Modifications 1.5 Lolicon 1.5 Varied Title ScreensS 1.3 Valkyrie Heroine 1.2 Breaking the Fourth Wall 1.2 Only a Single Heroine 1.0 Life and Death Drama 1.0 Lesbian SexS 1.0 Mermaid Heroine 0.9 Angel Heroine 0.9 More Than Seven Heroines 0.2 Urination Fetish 0.1 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 0.1 Parody 0.1

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Main characters

Alicefeeze Fatalburnアリスフィーズ・フェイタルベルン
AliasesAlice, Alipheese Fateburn
HairStraight, Waist Length+, White
EyesAmber, Slit Pupils, Tsurime
BodyAverage Height, Big Breasts, Pointed Ears, Reptilian Tail, Slim, Tattoo, Unnatural Skin Tone, Young-adult
ClothesEarrings, Evening Gloves, Hair Flower, Half-Skirt, High Heeled Shoes, Thigh-high Boots
ItemsFlower / Plant
PersonalityAssertive, Blunt, Confident, Food Lover, Reserved, Secretive, Stubborn, Wise
RoleLamia, Mentor, Monster Girl
Engages inBreaking the Fourth Wall, Duel, Fighting, Shapeshifting
Voiced byOoyama Chiroru


A mysterious Monster only matched by her mysterious power. With her identity unknown, it's unsure if there are even any monsters who can match her strength. Though it appears she means no harm to humans, she is merciless if one dares to challenge her. The price for challenging her is pricey, indeed.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

Alicefeeze Fatalburnアリスフィーズ・フェイタルベルン
AliasesAlice, Alipheese fateburn
HairStraight, Waist Length+, White
EyesAmber, Slit Pupils, Tsurime
BodyKid, Pointed Ears, Reptilian Tail, Short, Slim, Small Breast Sizes, Tattoo, Unnatural Skin Tone, Younger Appearance
ClothesBody Ribbon, Earrings, Evening Gloves, Hair Flower, Half-Skirt
PersonalityAssertive, Classic Tsundere, Confident, Food Lover, Reserved, Wise
RoleComrade, Lamia, Maou, Monarch, Monster Girl
Engages inFighting
Subject ofCurse, Phasmophobia


Current monster lord, Alicefeeze Fatalbern (or simply alice), had her powers sealed by the white rabbit. The rabbit reasons are unknow.

Alma Elmaアルマエルマ
AliasesArumaeruma, Succubus Queen
HairAnkle Length, Violet
BodyAverage Height, Bat Wings, Big Breast Sizes, Horns, Pale, Pointed Ears, Tail, Tattoo, Young-adult
ClothesArm Warmers, Cape, Thigh-high Boots
PersonalityCarefree, Lazy, Moody, Whimsical
RoleMonster Girl, Succubus
Engages inFlirting, Unarmed Fighting
Voiced byMasaki Phan


Called the Queen Succubus, she is the most powerful of the succubi. One of the Four Heavenly Knights, she is a master of Wind magic. In addition, her flexible body makes her the most powerful hand to hand fighter of the Four Heavenly Knights. A moody woman, she is easy to hate. Living in the moment, all she cares about is her own pleasure. Though she has no sense of loyalty, she acknowledges the Monster Lord's power, and follows her instructions.
A lewd Monster, her only enjoyment in life is playing with men. Once she catches a man, she tries to finish him off using a wide variety of methods.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

AliasesSlime Queen
EyesHosome, Red
BodyAverage Height, Big Breast Sizes, Slim, Tattoo, Unnatural Skin Tone, Young-adult
PersonalityCold-hearted, Distrustful, Holds Grudges, Misanthrope, Reserved, Serious, Stoic, Stubborn
RoleMonster Girl, Queen Regnant, Slime
Voiced byAkatsuki Kotone


One of the Four Heavenly Knights, she is a slime monster. Called the Queen Slime, she is the most powerful of all the slime monsters. Able to divide and expand her body at will, her attacks are very unpredictable. She also seems to be capable of controlling water at will, using it to inflate her own body. In this way, she can even create a massive tsunami of slime.

Hating humans that pollute the water, she rarely appears before them. If any human sets foot in her home, she will show them no mercy. Erubetie will use her body itself to wrap them up and dissolve them inside her slimy body.

Not very interested in her duties as one of the Four Heavenly Knights, she rarely involves herself in their troubles. She has a calm personality, and is very fond of her fellow slime brethren. Due to that, her hatred of humans is deep-rooted.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

AliasesSwordswoman of Fire
HairCurtained, Red, Short
EyesAmber, Tsurime
BodyHumanoid (Non-human), Pale, Pointed Ears, Scales, Tail, Tattoo, Unnatural Skin Tone, Young-adult
ClothesCape, Helmet, Plate Armor
PersonalityArrogant, Confident, Honorable, Hotblooded, Loyal, Stubborn
RoleDragon, Knight, Monster Girl, Rival, Warrior
Engages inDuel, Fighting, Swordsmanship
Voiced byAyase Yuri


A powerful monster of the dragon race, she is one of the Four Heavenly Knights. Devoting herself to the sword, there is nobody in the world who can match her flaming sword. Swearing loyalty to the Monster Lord, she takes great pride in her position. With a chivalrous spirit, she avoids useless violence against the weak.

Those of the Dragon race have an omnivorous diet like humans, but prefer semen. Even though Granberia generally doesn’t feed on semen, unlike fellow members of her tribe, she sometimes cannot help herself playing with defeated men in the rush of battle.

Believing strongly in her chivalry, she only chooses to associate with the strong. With an unmatched swordswoman like Granberia, it’s hard for her to acknowledge someone.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

HairBlond, Long, V Bangs
BodyFurry Tail, Kemonomimi, Kid, Multiple Tails, Pale, Small Breast Sizes, Tattoo
ClothesKimono, Ribbon Hair Accessory
ItemsHand Fan
PersonalityCarefree, Cheerful, Friendly, Hardworker, Loyal, Mature, Smart, Whimsical, Wise
RoleFox, Mentor, Monster Girl, Premier, Queen Regnant
Engages inShapeshifting
Voiced byTsugaru Ringo


Among animal-based monsters, Tamamo is the most powerful. One of the Four Heavenly Knights, she is a master of earth magic. In addition, despite her looks, she holds powerful physical strength.

Proud of her fluffy nine tails, she enjoys using it to play with men. Binding the male up with her tails, Tamamo will tickle every corner of the man’s body as she plays with him. There is no man who can resist this stimulation. Once she finishes playing, she almost always releases the man; however if she finds a man she really likes, she may make him into her lover. As the man would already have been made into a prisoner of her fluffy tail, there is no man who would be able to refuse her.

Also, she loves fried tofu.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

Side characters

AliasesUnfortunate Lamia, Amira the Unfortunate Lamia
EyesAmber, Slit Pupils
BodyFang, Pale, Slim
ClothesHalf-naked, Panties
PersonalityDeredere, Genre Savvy, Hardworker, Loyal, Strange
RoleMonster Girl
Engages inBreaking the Fourth Wall, Flirting, Investigation, Stalking


Unlike a normal lamia, Amira's upper half is that of a snake while her lower half is that of a human.

First appearing in Iliasburg, proclaiming her love for Luka, she appears in almost every city Luka goes to afterwards. She constantly breaks the fourth wall, lampshades and makes up various lies. Despite all this, she provides helpful information to Luka and Alice. She seems to have a large crush on Luka, referring to him as some kind of destined love.

[From MonsterGirlQuest Wiki]

HairBrown, Long
BodyKid, Olive, Pointed Ears
PersonalityCurious, Reserved, Shy
RoleComrade, Gnome, Monster Girl
Engages inBullying
Subject ofMuteness


Holding huge magic, the Earth Spirit Gnome can freely manipulate the Earth itself. However, she has very little combat experience, so she doesn’t know how to effectively use her magic in a fight. Gnome usually spends her time in the desert playing with the sand and mud. When she senses a human approaching, she will usually hide and silently observe them.

Due to her curious nature, if Gnome catches a man, she will take her time to play and inspect him. To replenish her magic, she will use her mud dolls to collect semen.

If you defeat Gnome, she will lend you her power. When she possesses you with her spirit body, you can use her Earth magic.

Though it looks like she bullies Sylph, it may just be because she doesn’t know how to express her feelings.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

HairLong, Red
BodyAverage Height, Pale
ClothesLab Coat, Skirt
PersonalityGenius, Pragmatic, Secretive
Engages inPlanning


<hidden by spoiler settings>

Her personality is what one would expect of a scientist: practical, intelligent, interested in nothing but to understand the world and the universe itself. She leads a group called the 'Seekers of Truth' who, like her, want to do nothing but further their research.

HairOrange, Waist Length+
BodyPointed Ears, Tattoo
PersonalityArrogant, Loyal, Mature
RoleComrade, Fairy, Mentor, Monster Girl


The spirit of flame has a very prideful and wild disposition. Living quietly in the Gold Region volcano, she doesn't interact much with the outside world. However she's famous in the monster world, and many come to her hoping to be made into her apprentice. Salamander seems to mostly decline, though.

Anyone who dares challenge her is relentlessly attacked without a shred of mercy. If the challenger is a man, she also enjoys humiliating them afterwards. Able to control her body heat at will, she creates relaxing warmth forcing the man to ejaculate whether he wants to or not. Not fond of killing, she usually leaves the men on the brink of death outside of the volcano after she finishes humiliating them.

She seems willing to promise her undying loyalty to someone worthy. But getting the prideful Salamander to acknowledge you is no easy task.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

HairBlond, Short
ClothesGauntlet, Plate Armor
PersonalityConfident, Honorable, Loyal, Tomboy
Engages inSwordsmanship


Though she’s intelligent, she acts before thinking things through. After she fell in love with Granberia, she devoted herself to swordplay under the guise of training for self-defense. Though she’s a decent swordswoman for a human, she is still not match for the monsters that live in the desert.

[From In-game Encyclopedia]

HairAhoge, Green, Waist Length+, White
BodyInsect Wings, Kid, Pale, Pointed Ears
ClothesBoots, Gloves, Mini-dress
PersonalityAirhead, Energetic, Funny, Hardworker, Mischievous, Outgoing, Tomboy
RoleComrade, Fairy, Monster Girl
Subject ofBullying


One of the four great spirits, Sylph rules over the wind. Though she's a type of fairy, her magic far surpasses a normal one. Since she is averse to battle, Sylph is unable to properly use her powerful magic in a fight. Even so, she isn't an opponent that a normal adventurer can handle.

Due to her fairy nature, she loves playing tricks on people. Interested by male genitalia, she will use her wind to play with men until they ejaculate. In addition, she absorbs male semen to replenish her magic.

Though she has a physical body, she is able to turn into a spirit body. Using her spirit body, she can possess a man and allow him to use her powers. However, the man needs to be very skilled to manage the enormous magic Sylph holds. For that reason, the spirits will only give their assistance to those they deem worthy.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]

HairEye Covering, Violet, Waist Length+
BodyTail, Unnatural Skin Tone
PersonalityAntisocial, Cold-hearted, Holds Grudges, Misanthrope, Refined, Reserved
RoleComrade, Fairy, Mentor, Monster Girl


A spirit who resides in a cave under “Undine’s Spring”, out of view of the rest of the world. A long time ago it seems as though she appeared before humans, but now she’s a shut-in.

Hating the humans who pollute the waters of the world, she mercilessly preys on any who dare enter her terrain. Absorbing them into her body, she assimilates their body to become one with hers.

Though she dislikes humans, she seems to hold regrets that humans and monsters aren’t existing in peace as they did in the past. A close friend of the Queen Slime, Erubetie, they treat each other as equals. They also seem not to interfere with each other’s dealings.

[From In-game Monsterpedia]