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Tsumobaka Nisshi


TitleTsumobaka Nisshi
Original titleつもバカ日誌
AliasesTsumobakanisshi, 4人打ちおしおき麻雀伝説 つもバカ日誌, つもバカ日誌 4 人打ちおしおき麻雀
DeveloperAbogado Powers
PublishersAbogado Powers
Shops» JP¥ 2074 @ DLsite (jpn)


You play a long-haired salaryman as he visits random clubs to play in 4-player mahjong against girls, who strip if they run out of funds. The games doesn't end until you either strip all of the girls or run out of funds yourself.

[From sutorippu]


1994-08-3018+Tsumobaka Nisshi
1998-08-0718+Tsumobaka Nisshi
2009-06-1918+Tsumobaka Nisshi - Download Edition


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Character summary

Catherine TurnerMain character
Ebihara MayumiMain character
Fukuda SayuriMain character
Futaba ChiakiMain character
Gokokuin MisogiMain character
Hattori IkukoMain character
Itou YoshikoMain character
Kawauchi MinakoMain character
Kuwabara ShizueMain character
Saezaki KannaMain character
Tamura NaokoMain character
Wanibuchi AyaMain character
Yoshida ToshikoMain character

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