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v1189.142018-12-26 at 03:56freakytRing Out!!Fixed the link I just updated to be more specific
v1189.132018-12-26 at 03:54freakytRing Out!!Updated broken Geocities link to point to working archived version
v1189.122015-05-15 at 03:38tenteishinshiRing Out!!alias
v1189.112015-04-05 at 17:19tenteishinshiRing Out!!add
v1189.102013-11-26 at 09:23girlplayerRing Out!!alias
v1189.92012-03-01 at 15:19eyelessRing Out!!Reverted to revision v1189.7 no need to change screenshots
v1189.82012-03-01 at 06:05tiozinhoRing Out!!Portuguese version image!
v1189.72011-12-18 at 20:04slv76Ring Out!!Bigger cover
v1189.62011-09-28 at 16:07hentailover20Ring Out!!larger image and clearer picture
v1189.52010-05-21 at 20:01immlffRing Out!!nsfw
v1189.42010-05-21 at 15:17beliarRing Out!!screens for port/remake added
v1189.32010-02-18 at 02:22beliarRing Out!!Screens, cover.
v1189.22008-10-22 at 22:21corruptdataRing Out!!A wild guess says it has yuri.
v1189.12008-10-12 at 17:13sogetsuPro Lesring: Ring Out!!