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v119.172019-03-17 at 02:23kuroneko45Divi-DeadAdded 2 missing staff members from the game credits. Also added 2 cast members. Link
v119.162017-05-21 at 12:34beliarDivi-DeadGore is not nsfw on vndb.
v119.152015-02-24 at 20:52wakaranaiDivi-Deadthat was a surprise. i'll fill in an actual alias when/if i'll get a chance to see an in-game credits roll.
v119.142015-02-23 at 17:55beliarDivi-Deadcast
v119.132015-02-23 at 13:16beliarDivi-Deadstaff
v119.122015-02-08 at 17:35tenteishinshiDivi-Deadadd
v119.112014-04-30 at 13:09slv76Divi-DeadAlter title
v119.102013-09-24 at 14:56yorhelDivi-DeadCan't confirm with the homepage (seems down?), but that looks more like an alias to me.
v119.92013-09-24 at 13:50nacchiDivi-Dead+original title
v119.82011-02-28 at 03:44koinodensetsuDivi-DeadNSFW'ed
v119.72009-11-16 at 14:25ivxxxDivi-DeadScreenshots!
v119.62008-06-23 at 00:18echomateriaDivi-Dead
v119.52008-03-31 at 22:08echomateriaDivi-Dead
v119.42008-03-10 at 13:50echomateriaDivi-Dead
v119.32008-03-01 at 10:22yorhelDivi-Dead
v119.22008-02-29 at 17:20echomateriaDivi-Dead
v119.12008-02-29 at 13:54echomateriaDivi-Dead