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Minyo! 2 ~Kondo wa Shamusho~


Minyo! 2 ~Kondo wa Shamusho~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperTAKE OUT
PublishersTAKE OUT

Minyo! -Miko-

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Main character takes a part-time job at the shrine in his hometown with his childhood friend during summer vacations. However, this shrine is rumored as evil. Priest gets hospitalized after an incident with spirit exorcism. Protagonist becomes the only man among the cheerful and lovely shrine maidens. But evil spirits still loom above the shrine. Main character finds his own way of exorcism - sex ritual.

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Japanese (2)
2005-03-1818+Minyo! 2 ~Kondo wa Shamusho~
2006-07-0718+Minyo! 2 ~Kondo wa Shamusho~ Download Edition


    Full character list

    Character summary

    Ikuta MasakazuProtagonist
    IngridMain character
    Voiced by Kaneda Mei
    Hiougi MimoriMain character
    Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
    Manami NayukaMain character
    Voiced by Haruse Miki
    ???Side character
    Voiced by Kurogane Takiji
    NanaoSide character
    Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
    KyoudaiSide character
    Hiougi ShizumuSide character
    Voiced by Kurogane Takiji

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