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Seijaku ni Chain-saw


TitleSeijaku ni Chain-saw
Original title静寂に電気鋸
AliasesSeijaku ni Chainsaw, Seijaku ni Denkinokogiri


――The view I'd grown so used to seeing through the lens had been smashed to pieces――

Shinadojima, where two moons hand in the sky.
Every inhabitant of this island, by way of what they call the blessings of the moons, possesses extraordinary powers.
But to make use of these powers requires "compensation", in the form of the sacrifice of whatever the holder treasures most, and so it became natural for the people of the island to avoid utilizing them.

Kou Sekine, the protagonist, is a high school second-year with a great interest in astronomical observation.
In the company of Izumi Iwagami, his childhood friend, and their classmates, he lived a quite ordinary life.

A simple and innocent childhood.
The power a passing fancy drove him to use, the phenomena it caused, and the "compensation" thus required.

From that point begins is a chain of events that will irrevocably change the fate of Kou and all those he knows.


2011-08-1315+Seijaku ni Chain-saw


Full character list

Character summary

Sekine KouProtagonist
Amamiya YuiMain character
Voiced by Satou Rina
Iwakami IzumoMain character
Voiced by Ueda Kana
Mysterious GirlMain character
Voiced by Ookura Aya
Takasugi RyoumaMain character
Voiced by Kanbara Daichi
Temasu ShirokoMain character
Voiced by Yabusaki Emi
Voiced by Honda Miki
Yamada MikanMain character
Voiced by Kazuna Sayaka

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