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Solstice - Digital Collector’s EditionNon-free, commercial
1280x800Not voiced2015-12-22UnknownA non-public release of the game for those who preordered it.
The actual public release was shifted to 2016-02-11.

Digital Collector's Edition includes:
* The game (DRM-free & Steam)
* Original Soundtrack (high quality MP3s + FLAC)
* A full printable Solstice playing cards set
* 46 pages-long “Making of” art book in PDF format
* 3 large printable posters
* 10 wallpapers
* Plus some instructions on how to best print it all
Solstice - Physical Limited EditionNon-free, commercial
1280x800Not voiced2016-02-11UnknownLimited to 60 copies!

* The game (DRM-free & Steam)
* Original Soundtrack (high quality MP3s + FLAC)
* A set of 54 Solstice playing cards in a plastic box
* A physical copy of the “Making of” art book
* Hand-written thanks from the team
* A set of A5 high quality Solstice prints
* Plus all the Digital Edition contents
SolsticeNon-free, commercial
1280x800Not voiced2016-02-11Unknown
SolsticeNon-free, commercial

UnknownUnknown2016-03-23All ages