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v12030.122019-04-27 at 10:05shinnewTouhikou GameCast aliases. link
v12030.112019-03-24 at 10:02esswordTouhikou GameRemoved spoiler. You're not supposed to know this until halfway through the Korone route.
v12030.102019-03-24 at 09:59esswordTouhikou GameAdded screenshots of other heroines. Length is between 10 and 15 hours.
v12030.92018-07-27 at 10:09nekonekogirlTouhikou Gamestaff
v12030.82015-11-27 at 23:04multiTouhikou GameReverse relation update caused by revision v7009.15
v12030.72015-10-12 at 11:30nananaTouhikou Game+1
v12030.62015-09-27 at 11:13weilaiTouhikou Game..
v12030.52015-05-19 at 13:06traumatizerTouhikou Gamestaff
v12030.42014-12-02 at 00:20ritamarionetteTouhikou GameAdded 4 screenshots
v12030.32013-10-25 at 17:44nananaTouhikou Gamecover
v12030.22013-04-01 at 09:45nekonekogirlTouhikou GameAdded description.
v12030.12013-01-26 at 10:27nananaTouhikou Gamevn